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New Guy Looking for Advice on my Drone Transmitter and Radio


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Nov 15, 2018
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Hey everyone I'm new to the drone racing hobby and I'm about to make my first racing drone. I'm somewhat following the UAVfutures $99 racing drone build and following his "pro" setup which is going to cost more than $99 lol. I have a 3dr IRIS + controller (and the rest of the drone as well) that I want to use just to save some money on buying a controller( or radio I think they're called). I was wondering how I would connect that controller to my racing drone after I'm finished with the build? Would I need to remove anything from my IRIS or just connect the IRIS controller to the newly built drone? The drone I'm building is going to have a Racestar Star F4S ESC and flight controller in it if that matters. Like I said I'm super new to this so if anything I said is wrong or if I need to be corrected please do so, thanks in advance!


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Feb 5, 2017
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The Chesapeake Bay
That controller will not be compatible with anything but the 3dr, you will need a new transmitter, your best option will likely be a Frsky QX7. Quads will get crashed and broken, but your transmitter and goggles will last a very long time so get the best you can afford. There are others that are ok, like a Flysky, but the receivers are big and heavy compared to Frsky offerings, if you can find a used QX7S or a X-Lite they are a step up from the QX7, and either way, if you go with Frsky you will want to watch some videos by Joshua Bardwell and Project Blue Falcon to get the transmitter programmed correctly. I know it seems expensive but it is the last transmitter you will need for race/acro quads.

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