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  1. R

    New in SE Wisconsin and Amelia Island, FL

    I am glad to be joining this group. I flew conventional for about 30 years, then had a heart issue. I’ve been flying Phantom 3 and 4’s for a few years and am Part 107 PIC. I watched drone races a year ago and have been wanting to get into it ever since. I met a guy at the park where I fly my...
  2. Fiddlebog

    New to FPV, Build/etc Advice

    Howdy y'all, Let me just start by saying that I'm very excited about starting this hobby. There are a lot of aspects that attract me to it that have attracted me to other hobbies. In addition y'all have a great community here, which is not something I've always seen other places. Looking through...
  3. T

    Quad Tuning, Please Help!!

    Hey, you guys, I have been working oni my quad for almost 2 years now and I still can't get the pids down. I am trying to get my quad to do tight rolls, flips, and be the best it can be. Plase, help. Please, all tips are welcome!!!!