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Alternative NORDSON WAGNER Filter factory


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Sep 9, 2019
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Our History
We are a renowned spare parts manufacturer of industrial dust removal and air purification in China since 1998, and have provided industrial dust extraction solutions for local and oversea customers more than 20 years.
Our Factory
We have stamping equipment, bending equipment, laser cutting equipment, powder spraying equipment, pleated bonding equipment and so on.
The advantages of our company are:
1. We have ability for self-developed moulds and complete mechanical processing equipments.
2. According to customer's actual situation, we design and produce filter cartridges suitable for their working conditions.
3. We independently develop filter medias with precision level from F6 to H13 (EN779 standard in Europe).
4. We have the widest pleating machine. (2. 1meters).
5. All glues are dispensed by ourselves with thermal consolidation, which makes our chemical glues are more adhesive to the media.
6. We have introduced the advanced internal rotating glue equipment, which makes gaps between the pleats of the filter media more even.
7. Our new high-temperature resistant filter cartridges have heat-resistance up to 200 degree centigrade.
8. We have introduced the advanced equipments which allow us to produce Nano-fiber filter media in bulk.
Our Product
Our major products are:
Filter media with different surface processing for many applications, such as: Water & oil repellent, antistatic, fire-retardant, PTFE coating, PTFE membrane, Nano-fiber coating, High Temperature Resistance, etc.Dust Filter Cartridges,Filter Bags & Filter Cages, Air Purification Filter,Dust Collectors, Bag house filter, Accessories
Product Application
Power plant, Steel plant, Metallurgic plant, Coal fired boiler, Cement plant, Carbon black, Waste incineration. . . Steel plate pre-processing, Shot blasting, Vacuum pumping sander; Powder convey, Pneumatic conveying system; Air inlet dust, Gas turbine; Cement industry; Dust suction, excavation, rock drilling equipment; Battery industry, agglomerative & fibrous dust filtration; Anti-static situation; Welding smoke; Metal smelting, Chemicals, Furniture, Ceramics, Asphalt mixing station; Painting booth, thermal spraying, surface processing coating, etc.
Production Market
The main markets of DFC FILTER are locate in North/South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc.
Our service
Technical service contents.Alternative NORDSON WAGNER Filter factory
website:Dust Filter Cartridge Manufacturers, Spun-bonded Polyester, Cellulose, Air filter, Filter Bag & Cage Suppliers, Factory - DFC Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd

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