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fpv drone

  1. M

    ESC Calibration with Naze32/Littlebee30A/Cleanflight)

    Hello guys, i am having a rough time training to build a quad. While i wait for my own parts, i have a old quad here to train on and i had to swap out the ESCs. The quad flew fine before. Main parts : -F1 Naze 32 rev6 FC -Littlebee 30A ESC x4 with Bl heli rev 14.9 flashed on all 4 ( was 2x...
  2. T

    I dont know whats wrong with my fpv racing drone!

    So I've got a problem with my fpv drone I had a solid red light on my drones flight controller ler so I looked it up online and every where it said it was a cooked flight controller so I bought a new one put it in after a month of waiting and it's the exact same problem I don't know what's up...
  3. L

    Racing Quad less than 250 grams with FPV, Action Camera and GPS

    Hi Friends, I have successfully built a professional micro racing quad(150mm) weighing less than 250 grams that also accommodates FPV, Action Camera and GPS. I have made a video of the same and uploaded it on Youtube. Please take a look and send your comments for improvement. Below is the...
  4. accelerated

    3 Inch cinewhoop 4k

  5. KerniFPV

    Cinematic Edit

    Hi and Hello I´m new here hope it is okay to post here, Spent the last weeks (bad wheater) to improve my edit skills so I hope that you like that video from me :)
  6. I

    Hi all, looking for some help with a quad I'm building.

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to FPV flying and currently learning to fly on a Sim (I do have experience with LOS flying). I'm also in the process of buying the parts to make a freestyle drone of my own. But I need some help with choosing my parts. I have a chassis which I already purchased and...
  7. J

    VIFLY Finder - A special lost drone buzzer works after battery ejection

    VIFLY Finder, a must have lost drone buzzer if you always crash your racing drone. It is a buzzer that can work even after the main battery was ejected. If the battery is still connected, it can work as the standard buzzer that can controlled by the radio controller. If the battery is...