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Voltage and current sensing


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Nov 1, 2018
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I've got my new build pretty much tuned to my liking but I've got a few issues I can't seem to track down.
For one my voltage meter is off. I have the average cell voltage up on my OSD and it's giving me low voltage warnings on my brand new batteries when they're fresh (and they perform awesome and charge fully) I know that the current meter almost always has to be calibrated, but I've never had a voltage sensor that wasn't reading correct from the factory.

I think I'm also getting a bad RSSI reading. I was getting a zero in my OSD even though the the RSSI meter on my controller is working. I switched to an analog RSSI signal but I think that's wrong. It gives a low reading when the controller is off, and gives a max reading of 12 when it's on.

For the voltage issue I may just try and calibrate the current meter and use that instead, but that's kind of a pain. It would be nice to have my low voltage warning. As for the RSSI, I have had one strange failsafe that's tested my faith, mostly because I didn't get an audible warning from the controller, it just cut out ad fell. I could see in the OSD it said "Bad RX, Failsafe"

My 4in1 doesn't have a telemetry output, just a current sensor out which is going to a current sensor in on the FC, but I'm not sure if that occupies a UART, and if so which one.

Thanks in advance for any help guys!

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