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Linear Vs Circular


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Jun 22, 2020
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So my EV800D goggles came with a RHCP circular patch and an Omni and signal is ok upto about 200m but any object in the way even a small tree just kills it even at 200mw

I've read upgrading and matching the antennas polarisation will really help. The TH2 I'm using has both linear antennas. This is matched with the linear taranis controller but the goggles are not.

I've purchased a replacement linear bandicoot patch and a new TBS Omni as believe those to be very good.

My question is are Omni style antennas only circular or can you also get linear based ones just that the TBS website didn't have an option and doesn't say

It's just interesting as the RTF version of the TH2 comes with a set of goggles with two linear antennas so I'm just curious how an Omni is performing here compared


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Feb 5, 2017
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The Chesapeake Bay
Linear are cheaper than circular polarized, but having CP antennas on goggles won't make any difference. When running CP they must be the same, but either RHCP or LHCP will receive from a linear just as well as any linear on the goggles. The better answer is to have great antennas on your goggles. I run an original VAS Mad Mushroom V1 (very good omni) and a Orqa FPV.O1.Pro (an even better omni) when running 2 omni's on my RapidFIRE in RF Mode 1 or 2, and swap out the Mad Mushroom for a VAS Crosshair Xtreme or a Orqa FPV.P1.Pro when running Legacy mode. If I were to buy new today I would likely run 2 VAS Skyhammers (bulky, but GREAT signal) and swap out one for the above mentioned patches when running Legacy mode on the RapidFIRE.

There are only a few Linear antennas left on the market, but they generally perform worse than CP antennas do, it is all about Gain and Axial Ratio when it comes to performance.

More vTX power is only the correct answer when there is a lot of competing signals in the area, at all other times the better answer is to have better antennas on the vRX side.
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