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Hi folks! Could anyone suggest how to wire this all together to achieve OSD and Telemetry?


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Sep 4, 2017
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Hi everyone, I'm really new to this but basically, Im trying to get Telemtry to go to my Radio as well as get a OSD signal to my VTX. Firstly here is a quick list of the components I'm working with.

FC = F3 Flight Controller Acro 6 DOF/Deluxe 10 DOF for Multirotor Racing

Receiver = FrSky XSR 2.4GHz 16CH ACCST Receiver S-Bus CPPM Output Support X9D X9E X9DP X12S X Series

VTX = Micro 20x20mm VTX-OSD V1 40CH 5.8G 25mw-200mw Mini FPV Transmitter Integrated OSD RHCP For F3

So, I've managed to get the telemetry working without too much fuss and set up a low voltage alarm on my QX7. I followed this wiring diagram and it works no problem.


Problem is, since the RX and TX pads on UART 3 are connected, I don't think I can connect the VTX there. UART 2 is being used as an SBUS connection from my receiver so that's out. The FC is supposed to have an inbuilt OSD, and so is the VTX. I think I've seen some people connect the Reciever through the VTX (which I assume is how you access the OSD menu on the VTX, you have to perform some inputs on the radio).

I'm stumped. Maybe I'm being a right mong, but I've been scouring the web for hours and come up with nothing. Any help getting this set up would be a huge help. Thanks.

Also, how on earth do I access the BL-Heli suite for the (4 in 1) ESC?

Only just starting to realise how deep the rabbit hole goes with all this.


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