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Emax hawk 5 and taranis bind problem need help


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Aug 14, 2018
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Let me introduce myself. I'm Michael 29 years old living in belgium and i jus bought my first fpv racer an emax hawk 5 using a xm+ reciever and taranis 9d plus EU/LBT edition. after hours of failure in trieing to bind i found out the emax only works on non-eu radios. so i also tried flashing the radio with opentx 2.2.2 and still i can't bind the reciever and radio anyone got a solution for my problem?


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Feb 5, 2017
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The Chesapeake Bay
Hi @vulthrax, welcome to the forum!

Try to flash your XM+ with the EU/LBT firmware, that should fix your issue of not binding. The Emax Hawk 5 doesn't care about whether the TX/RX firmware is EU/LBT or US/FCC, it only cares that a good RX is giving it good input. The TX/RX does in fact need to be the same, and I don't think you can change the TX, it is hard coded to one or the other I believe, but you can change the RX to be EU/LBT and then the TX and RX should bind.

Project Blue Falcon has a good video that should give you an idea of how to get it done if you have never done it before. I would search for the video using the x9d+ because there is some specific info on the pinout of the pins in the JR module bay of the x9d+ because the power and ground pins are swapped on the TX side so you will need to flip those 2. Then I would search for the one where he does the xm/xm+, then extrapolate from there to figure it out.

Please watch and understand these videos before you try to hook things up, if after you watch these and you have any specific questions I will try to help, just ping me on this thread.

I think this one talks about the x9d+ specific side, the biggest thing is which pins are power and ground on the bottom 3 pins in the back of the TX which starts around the 4 minute mark in the video.

This one should talk about the XM/XM+ as they work the same, the difference is you use the SBUS pin on the RX side because they don't have an S.PORT (Smart Port) pin.

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