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Catalyst machine works 5” merica


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Feb 25, 2019
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New York
150$ Lightly used. Bought this rig off of someone that builds and sells all types of Kwad’s professionally. This has the Pyrodrone f4 flight controller installed and running betaflight 4.1 beta with bidirectional dshot rpm filter setup. Also include a frsky r-sxr diversity antenna receiver on Fport protocol but can be changed. Power trans is the Aikon AK32 35a continuous 45a burst 4in1 esc 6s Max. BLHeli32 rev 32.66 Multirotor custom build fw by jlucid awesome developer on github. This build has the very well known Motors, the pyrodrone Hyperlite 2207 1722kv HV edition 6s rated. Two motors are scuffed and scratched on surface paint from prior owners mishap I presume but absolutely does not affect the performance of the motors. Every motor turns as it should and is very well balanced. Also included is a TBS Unify Pro 5g8 HV Race Edition vtx and a RunCam Micro sparrow2 with a lens 2.1 installed. Both in perfect condition. I have only tested this machine in a hover and a short angle mode forward flight and a flip or two, to see performance and also bench tests with betaflight and BLHeli32 programs.. Due to this machine being setup and built for rated 6s power , and all I use is 4s, I cannot or do not need to hang onto this build and am willing to part with it. I really like the frame because of Catalyst machineworks . That is the main highlight for me of this. All else is pretty brand new and NOT burned ,warn or damaged except for the vtx clover antenna what was connected with U.FL connector and broke off and apart with slight disassembly on me. So that’s the only part that’s broken I’m including it with the craft. Maybe if you know how to fix and solder a new U.FL connector to the clover antenna it will come alive again. Shoot me a message and I will respond promptly. Thank you


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