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starter fpv

  1. S

    Noobe need help!

    Hi all So i really want to get into fpv (not reacing) and i like to hear some recommendations frome you! Im not into racing so i want a long flight time (big battary) + a long range one Is there a good starter kit? (drone+controler+FPV Glasses) what is the average run time for adrone? what is...
  2. G

    Getting started

    i have been flying drones for quite a bit now i have had a phantom and always played around with little drones that my brother had and i found them tonnes of fun, that being said i have discovered the racing scene and i am very interested and want to get more involved. i was looking to build a...
  3. H

    Help! Newb here

    Hello! I feel silly for being here as I know NOTHING about fpv quads, but I really need some help. I'm looking to buy a racer for my husband, but I'm not sure what I should get. I'm looking at this used one on Ebay, but I have no clue if it's a good deal or not. He is a beginner so I'd like...