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  1. R

    Anyone interested in a RTF Lumenier 250?

    Hello All, I built a Lumenier 250 a couple years back and I just dont use it enough to justify keeping it. I remember that I have Keva Motors and everything set up with Fatshark googles. I believe I spent close to $900 for everything. I have photos if anyone is interested. I apologize in...
  2. raymonFPV

    I got an ImmersionRC VORTEX MOJO | FPV FREESTYLE | VLOG 18

    Last week I decided to test my new MOJO at my favorite freestyle spot!
  3. R


    Help buying a new drone I really like this drone thing and would like to buy one. I am an amateur but would like to purchase something that lasts long and I won't need to change soon. Would you recommend a ready-to-fly drone or build my own? If you recommend building my own, where can I start...