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  1. J

    Naze32 Rev6 Heading Drift

    Having the board with only the usb connected to the PC I can see on Baseflight how the 3d model spins around yaw axis and Heading value drifting so hard. Check the uploaded gif see what I am explaining. I need that heading value because I am developing a software for an autonomous drone. How...
  2. bmw546

    Help my Naze 32 won't enable the single servo gimbal

    Hi everyone. I have tried many time by following this video : (an the manual of the board) to make a single servo gimbal on my naze 32 acroflight rev6 I checked the box for the servo gimbal, but when i connect the servo to pin 1 it goes full on way(and eventually get hot) and i lose one...
  3. W

    cannot callibrate

    Recently I flashed the Betaflight firmware to my Flip 32(REV5, 6 DOD) board. The flashing procedure was succesful. I connect the board, there is connection. Now in the SETUP I want to calibrate the accellerometer., the colour of the yellow block turns into white for a very short time. Then...
  4. B

    servo motors naze32 acro rev 6

    Hi i got an afro naze32 acro flight controller, i want to use it to control 4 servo motors which are going to be used in a variable pitch quadrotor, do you have any idea about how can i move these servos with the naze?