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  1. K

    Problem: Mobula7 not binding to radio, Taranis QX7

    I recently bought a Happymodel Mobula7 from banggood. It's "bind and fly" however, out of the box It struggled with the whole binding part. I have a taranis QX7 for a radio. I'm fairly new to the hobby so I was wondering if anyone here had some advice. Everything else seems to work fine I'm...
  2. M

    Issues with mobula7 on FlySky transmitter

    Hi all, I'm having issues with getting my mobula7 craft to work with my Flysky receiver, I'd had an earlier mobula7 that didn't have these issues so not sure I've got a mad quad or if it's something I've done. Binding went like so: I get the transmitter into binding-mode, then connected one 1s...