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Recent content by tj272004

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    Omnibus F4 V1 Wiring Set Up

    Hello, I recently purchased an Omnibus F4 V1 and I am going to switch out my Eachine Wizards X220's F3 for it (I had to replace it anyway so I thought I might as well upgrade it). I was planning on wiring it the following way. VBAT + and - wires on PDB directly from LiPo (4S) to + and - VBAT...
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    Mounting an FPV Camera

    Hello, I am trying to mount my 700tvl camera onto my drone frame. On my other quad, the camera is attached to the wall plates and the plates slide into the base and the quality is great! But on this quad, the frames holes doesn't match up with my cameras mounting holes. My cameras mounting...
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    Motors for X8 Style Drone

    So, after completing my last build, I wanted to try something new. I recently strayed upon this frame called the X8, it's basically a quadcopter with 2 motors on each arm, one facing down and one facing up. I was wondering if it would be possible to use one set of 4 motors facing up, and a...
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    Questions about Wire Gauges and Servos

    I have a power module that has an end that needs to go to the ESC. However, the wire gauge is really small so the wire is huge and it can't fit well onto the + and - terminals so would it be fine if I soldered like a inch of 14 AWG wire to the larger wires and then soldered the 14 AWG wire to...
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    ESC, BEC, and Servo Cable Questions

    So I recently purchased this 40amp ESC from amazon because my 4-in-1 broke and while searching I noticed some of the ESC's online only had two cabes (black and white) on their servo cable plug thing. I was wondering why their are only two. Also, I was wondering if my ESC supposedly has BEC, if...
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    Servo Control Questions

    So I am trying to control a DC motor on my APM (it's an arduino based flight controller) and I was wondering if I could control that by using it almost like a servo. The problem is, the motor only has ground and power cables and not a signal cable, any ideas for being able to control it?
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    Questions about Servo Cables

    I do not have a working multi-meter, but I do believe the outputs can provide 5V, however, in the wiring diagrams it says to connect the receiver to the input channels.
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    Questions about Servo Cables

    So, for connecting a Radio Receiver to the APM, would I need a uBEC to power the servo rail or should I just try to use an external battery?
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    Questions about Servo Cables

    So are you saying that I should spin a larger prop? And if so, what size would you/your friend recommend?
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    Questions about Servo Cables

    So the way I set up the camera is that it has a dedicated battery and not running anything through the flight controller, I did this because I do not really need the camera and may move it later, and do not have an OSD system, so that should be fine. I know it's a waste of weight but the only...
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    Questions about Servo Cables

    So I'm not actually running 3S, it's just that that's the only battery I have that's working right now. I plan on using a 4S battery, with a 4-in-one ESC with 40 amps per channel. Currently, I plan on using a tri-blade propeller that is 7x3.5x3, but I'm not entirely sure if that is going to...
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    Questions about Servo Cables

    Uh, so what your saying may be pretty much the most sensible way to get around this problem, as in to just buy F to F servo cables. The only thing though is that I wired it the way I believed it to be right, based on a similar diagram, and the radio didn't seem to get power, so maybe its a user...
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    Questions about Servo Cables

    How do you usually attach your FC, I don't have a PDB and my FC doesn't work as one, for the radio at least, so at this point I don't really know what else to do, lol.
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    Questions about Servo Cables

    So I am trying to connect my FS-I6B to my APM via the use of servo cables. I ordered some and then realized I had ordered the wrong type, I order M to F instead of F to F. However, I do have M to F jumper cables and was wondering if I would be able to put the F end of the servo cable into my...
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    Problem With VTX

    So I fixed the problem: What I think the problem was was that the camera had an operating voltage of 12 Volts (but due to a customer review, I had though it was 5V-12V), and the VTX only gave out 5V to the camera. So to fix the problem, I took out the + and - (red and black) wires from the 3-pin...