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Recent content by rtkDarling

  1. rtkDarling

    Arming issue

    Try turning your accelerometer completely off. You can be in air mode but still have it on horizon
  2. rtkDarling

    Arming issue

    Ground wire? If you're FC isn't detecting an RX signal, that's why it's sounding the alarm (lost RX) I think you've got it...
  3. rtkDarling

    Arming issue

    Yeah, plug in to USB and see, and I assume it will alarm. Once in betaflight you'll see a version in the upper left hand corner. You can also go to the CLI and type in "Version" and it will tell you what you need to flash.
  4. rtkDarling

    Arming issue

    It does this when you plug in the USB as well correct? Is it displaying anything in the goggles? If my quad was doing this I would backup my settings in betaflight and reflash
  5. rtkDarling

    Arming issue

    Did you check all your switches? Looks like you have an alarm going off
  6. rtkDarling

    FPV to TV?

    I've just bought a 5.8ghz receiver for my android . If it works, I think I can use screen mirroring to bring up my FPV feed on the smart TV. Would be fun for a group and whoop right? Set up a track around the house and watch everyone fly from the living room! @Styxbb this would be a really cheap...
  7. rtkDarling

    Hello from a teacher.

    Hey, glad you checked in! Another FPV option is the EV800d that I still use. You won't like it as a goggle, but the strap slides off, and the screen has a universal tripod mount. It small, you can still fly FPV with a few people looking over your shoulder. I'm also working on the cheapest way to...
  8. rtkDarling

    who's actually racing?

    You guys on Reddit? https://www.reddit.com/r/fpvracing/ https://www.reddit.com/r/fpv/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Multicopter/
  9. rtkDarling

    High speed drone racing.

    I'm the oddball: I walk to 90% of my locations. I end up walking over 100 miles a month, and if I've got a working quad I bring it with :)
  10. rtkDarling

    who's actually racing?

    While I mostly agree with @FRD135i my 2 cents is that they're totally different mind sets, and which one you're in to reveals your personality. For example, I have a messed up view of "racing" in general. I see racing as a money pit, plain and simple. I didn't build this quad to burn it to a...
  11. rtkDarling

    Time (Gratuitous edit)

    Just an excuse to play with DaVinci really. I'm creating a mask right on top of the content in my timeline, then I convert the mask layer(s) into a single compound layer, and use that to drive the alpha mask in fusion. I don't really like how this turned out, but it's given me a lot of ideas for...
  12. rtkDarling

    VTX sudden failure on Emax Hawk 5 (Resolved)

    I would turn the quad on, leave it on a table in your house, then walk away down the street a bit with your goggles in your hand. If it never kicks off then it's likely a minor physical tweak (caused by how it's installed and movement of the quad). If it kicks off after a time, even though the...
  13. rtkDarling

    ARRIS capability

    I thought the same at first but the build wasn't the hard part. Learning how to fly, and learning how to build a craft that can take a crash and keep on flying, that's the craft
  14. rtkDarling

    do anyone sell tinywhoop flysky version in india???

    Are you o Facebook? I know some markets there. Whoops are pretty cheap, you might do better getting a new one
  15. rtkDarling

    osd is not coming in my fatshark teleporter v5 goggles

    You'll want to check the OSD tab in Betaflight. You can turn elements on and off and move them where you want them. Make note of the NTSC / PAL options, if it isn't set right you can still get picture, but your OSD is cropped off screen