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Recent content by rtkDarling

  1. rtkDarling

    How to connect this weird controller to esc??

    What kind of ESC is it? You need to find the pinout for your ESC connector. 4 wires are the motor signal wires, and the fifth could be a voltage monitor, 5v out, or vbat out (it could be a number of things so it's important that you know what it is if you use it.) The 4 motor wires will go to...
  2. rtkDarling

    Drone not functioning properly (Radiolink AT10II + R12DS receiver + Storm Racing Drone)

    It's your Flight controller that I was asking about. I'm not positive, but if one prop turns, then your radio is working, to figure the rest out we need to tap into the flight controller.
  3. rtkDarling

    Designing my Own controller and QuadCopter Code. Hit a RoadBlock, help needed!

    I have to ask: Why the heck would you do this? Betaflight, Raceflight, EMUflight, and KISS are all great options, and it's taken these devs YEARS to get the results we have now. Getting it to "hover" is just the beginning, are you writing your own algorithms to handle the filtering? Hey, we all...
  4. rtkDarling

    Trim outta whack!

    There's no crying in baseball, and there's no trim in acro. You gotta put that baby in acro brother!
  5. rtkDarling

    Drone not functioning properly (Radiolink AT10II + R12DS receiver + Storm Racing Drone)

    It's been a few days since you posted, not sure if you've made any progress. I've never seen that be a receiver issue myself. If one motor turns on that means the quad is receiving signal, the others shaking could be a poor connection to the ESCs or the motors. Does it use betaflight?
  6. rtkDarling

    Is it all too hard.

    Meanwhile, I set a personal record for myself. I got a quad just over 500 miles per hour! You read that right... Had to get above twelve thousand feet to do it though. Pics or it didn't happen right, oh I've got pics
  7. rtkDarling

    [Cleanflight - blackbox attached]Drone very unstable and drifting like crazy very hard to even take off without crashing it to nearby wall

    What are you flying? I don't have a Blackbox analyzer that works, that file of yours reads almost blank to me. Some DVR or video would be useful
  8. rtkDarling

    Drone build

    Do you have a multimeter? Checking for shorts can save you a board
  9. rtkDarling

    Emax Buzz VTX change out

    You can wire your new VTX straight to your battery input pads, or wire it to a VBAT pad on your FC. This is common for higher powered VTX, they need more voltage input. A lot of guys here run crossfire, I personally haven't taken the plunge yet. The reason is that I normally lose video before I...
  10. rtkDarling

    Drone build

    I'll stress that I don't know for sure about your GPS, but a lot of units need more voltage than 1s to function
  11. rtkDarling

    Emax Buzz VTX change out

    Just quickly @HighTechPauper knows more about this than I do, and I've held off on answering because frankly I don't know, having never used the audio function on my VTX. TBH using the motor sound as I hear it from the ground helps me keep a location on the quad, so having the actual motor noise...
  12. rtkDarling

    Noob with Q

    I was looking at a VAS patch, it looks like they're some of the best. I was going to ask you about that :) I think it would help me through the woods, and since I fly alone I don't have to worry about the gain
  13. rtkDarling

    Drone build

    That was my logic, but I ruined my antennas in testing. They can thrash around a lot in a short time when they crash
  14. rtkDarling

    Drone build

    This is why it's easier to start with a micro. You're not breaking anything when you crash, and you're not afraid of hitting yourself or anything else. Also a set of 5 inch props would break less, maybe easier to learn on but IDK. Line of sight flight is very different than the goggles, and...
  15. rtkDarling

    Emax Buzz VTX change out

    I like Pyrodrone, you should check them out on FB too because they announce sales. Ship from Cali, good customer service and free shipping over $50 (which is pretty standard now)