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Recent content by IceFyre13th

  1. IceFyre13th

    Mavic Mini Released

    smaller than 250 grams too.....no FAA
  2. IceFyre13th

    "Old" pilot flying old equipment

    Being "Old" has not slowed me down ....its fun to show all those whippersnappers a few tricks.....LOL
  3. IceFyre13th

    "Old" pilot flying old equipment

    Its actually very nimble, maybe not as fast as others but 85 mph is still pretty quick..... Yes it has free style mode, and it is fun too....the built in video system is top notch, never drops out. BTW, add the numbers in you age together......that makes me 10...and I still act like it...
  4. IceFyre13th

    "Old" pilot flying old equipment

    55, that old enough....lol still flying an older Amimon Falcore and a custom built FrankenDrone (mostly old parts just to see "what if").
  5. IceFyre13th

    Battery needed!

    Vape store, they sell these too
  6. IceFyre13th

    Drone Causes House Fire

    How many of us Marines are on here.....LOL 82-88 Motor T, saw Lebanon.
  7. IceFyre13th

    Drone Causes House Fire

    "and still charge my batteries inside while I sleep. " That's just asking for trouble...........
  8. IceFyre13th

    Motor direction

    That's why we all do pre-flight checks.......
  9. IceFyre13th


    Your first post, how precious.......and yet you did not even try to introduce yourself first
  10. IceFyre13th

    Freestyle props out or in?

    My Motor wires have connectors (makes it easy to try different setups), so easy to switch two wires to reverse the motor and then change props.....
  11. IceFyre13th

    Freestyle props out or in?

    Out, but I like flying into the bushes too.....
  12. IceFyre13th

    Hello From AZ

    Where in AZ, I'm in Mesa...Welcome!!!!
  13. IceFyre13th

    Battery brand or suggestions?!

    I second the Tattu recommendations, flawless batteries
  14. IceFyre13th


    Link to story would be nice.........................
  15. IceFyre13th

    Flight Of The Year .

    You know....it is really cool.....but DO I HAVE TO POINT OUT THE OBVIOUS...very very irresponsible flying.