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Recent content by Acronaught101

  1. Acronaught101

    Catalyst machine works 5” merica

    150$ Lightly used. Bought this rig off of someone that builds and sells all types of Kwad’s professionally. This has the Pyrodrone f4 flight controller installed and running betaflight 4.1 beta with bidirectional dshot rpm filter setup. Also include a frsky r-sxr diversity antenna receiver on...
  2. Acronaught101

    Troubleshooting ESC (Solved)

    I wonder if it could be the capacitor on your power lead. I’d try to desolder that one and replace with new one. Try that out.
  3. Acronaught101

    2204 motor with 30a ESC's

    I too am about to receive my 35a 40a burst blheli s racestar sprog esc’s in the Mail soon and will be using my MT2204 2300kv emax motors with 3s power maybe 4s. Prop will be biblade 5.1” 45 pc or 5035 gf biblade. I’m also going to try azure Johnnyfpv’s 3blade and the hurricanes by hq I think...
  4. Acronaught101

    Trade: looking for fat shark hd3

    Would you be willing to sell one of them for cash?